We’re the best solution for rapid deployment of bulk laptop computer rentals for user conferences, trainings and other corporate events. Get all your documents, pictures, videos, or specific software on your rented devices, including 3rd party applications. Computer security configurations are available such as WiFi, email configurations, browser settings, and website restrictions.


Branding and Laptop Imaging

We take a snapshot of your ideal laptop settings and software, then deploy this across an unlimited number of devices. If you need impactful branding we can customize wallpapers, backgrounds, and logos to fit your needs.

Fast Deployment and Tech Support

Our deployment team specializes in imaging laptops and we have the largest quantity of laptops available for rent. We have 24/7 event support and the largest network of on-site technicians to help with deployment at multiple locations.

Tablet Friendly

If you're not sure which device is best suited for your event, we can help select from the largest number of iPads for rent in the industry and offer imaging services for handheld devices too.


Laptop Rental Customization and Delivery

We’re the best solution for fast computer rentals for conferences and professional events nationwide. We can customize PC and Mac computers in many different ways, including:

  • Backgrounds and logos
  • Wi-Fi credentials
  • Software installation
  • Security settings
  • Hard drive encryption
  • Multiple user accounts


laptop customization services conference event technology

"Win/win!! They were my ally the entire time when negotiating with the hotel. During the event, the team was always available but never in the way of all the craziness. Because of Meeting Tomorrow, we saved 40k and the event went off without a hitch!"

Staci McMenimon, Glassdoor Enablement Leader
laptop customization services Magnetar training event
Magnetar Youth Investment Academy

"Thank you so much for your work this past weekend and on the entire project. You guys were 110% invested in the success of the event. That definitely helped decrease our stress. Thank you for your leadership. Thank you for your tireless effort and dedication."

Magnetar Youth Investment Academy
laptop customization services custom logos and iPad accessories
World Dairy Expo

"Our previous computer and tech supply company was renting us old and dilapidated equipment with mediocre service. With their exceptional customer service and high quality equipment, Meeting Tomorrow has made World Dairy Expo a customer for life!"

Liz Matzke, Attendee Services Manager